Remember that Thursday 31st  May is our last day at FabricKids! To complete your order, please continue to fill in the form below with as much information as possible and then click ‘send email’.  For example;

  1. Red bath towel with FRED on it (just  like the towel with TOBY on it in the ‘Boys’ Towel Pics’)
  2. Bright pink towel with ELLA with mix of pretty girlie fabrics to suit a 6 year old girl.
  3. Postage, if required, and postal address (see postage costs)
  4. Remember to add your email address & telephone (and address if postage required)

So for each item ordered, remember to add specifics above such as towel type (bath, beach, hand towel), name to be added, fabric design choice (particularly if you have seen a towel you like, write the name of that towel so we can find it!),  etc.  Please feel free to email us any questions on available letter fabrics if you are after something specific; birds, princesses, giraffes, lollipops, Welsh theme, pretty much anything goes!

Please allow 10 days for creation and pick-up/ postage.

By Telephone;

Call us on 07738 566826, email on office@fabrickids.co.uk or fb message via Fabrickids on facebook if you would like any clarification

By Post:

FabricKids Ltd, Holly Tree Cottage, Crow Hill, Crow, Ringwood BH24 3DH


Email : office@fabrickids.co.uk



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