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Don’t forget that last orders is Thursday 31st May 2018!

Our fabulous FabricKids personalised bath, beach & swimming towels make wonderful gifts. Not only are they personalised in name, but they are personalised in nature.

And what’s more, they will definitely be used because who doesn’t have a bath, shower, go swimming or generally get wet?  No one.

Have a scroll down to view information on products, pricing and postage/insurance and how to pay;

Bath & Swimming Towels Pricing

BATH TOWELS are a standard bath towel size (apprx 70 x 127 cms) which is an ideal size for childrens’ bath time or for swimming lessons (for adults too!)

  • 2 letters   £19
  • 3 letters  £22
  • 4 letters  £25
  • 5 letters  £28
  • 6 letters  £31
  • 7 letters £34
  • 8 letters £37
  • 9 letters £40

BEACH TOWELS add £ 12 to price of  bath towels.   Apprx 100 x 150cm and ideal for slightly older children, teenagers and adults (or for a great big warm wrap on windy beaches for little children)

The added name comes in capital A6-size letters (quarter A4) and our towels wash and tumble dry up to 40 degrees but washing at 30 will  help reduce colour fading of letters, and help save energy.  To avoid shrinkage, all letter fabrics are pre-washed and tumble dried.

For brighter coloured towels we recommend you wash on cool for the first few washes or add a ‘colour absorber tissue’ in the wash to prevent bleeding of towel colour into lighter-coloured letters.

There are numerous towel colours to choose from, have a look at the ‘Towel Colours’ on our Home page, and literally HUNDREDS of different letter fabric choices.  You may wish to have the name all in one fabric design or each letter a different pattern.

HAND TOWELS  (approx 50 x 90cms)  £11

A fun gift for someone who has nearly everything!  These are great Birthday gifts for a child where you pop the Birthday age number at one end, and their first letter at t’other.  Available in numerous colours.  A choice of letter, heart, number or simple shape at each end, or perhaps 2 initials in the middle.   Just let us know what fabric designs you are after. Ideal as gym- towels, kiddies towels to help wipe those toothpastey mouths (instead of all over your big bathroom towels!) and for kiddies to stand on in swimming pool changing rooms to stop their socks getting wet whilst struggling to put on shoes (we know, we’ve been there!)

FACE CLOTH  (approx 30 x 30cms)  £5

If you have a few pennies to spare and would like to add a Face Cloth to your Bath Towel or Hand Towel purchase, these are perfect.  £4 includes a letter, number, heart or simple shape bang in the middle,  in matching fabric I expect, but your choice!



If you are local to us in Ringwood (BH24 3DH), please come and collect to save on postage.

We use Royal Mail for postage and prices are as follows

  • 1-2 bath towels        £5.00  (1st Class, Signed-for, Insurance included and Royal Mail Calling-Card will be left if recipient out or unavailable)
  • 3 bath towels     £6.5o   (2nd Class, Signed-for, Insurance included and Royal Mail Calling-Card will be left if recipient out or unavailable)
  • 3+ bath towels or beach towels/bath sheets – we will advise on pricing

Beach Towels are significantly heavier than bath towels so we can advise you on postage costs.

By including insurance, the signed-for option and a Royal Mail Calling-Card left if recipient is unavailable, we avoid any unfortunate incident should you not be in, or your beautiful FK towels go missing in the post.


Upon receipt of your order (order here or click on ‘order’ on top right tap on home page), you will be emailed your invoice.  Payment is via online banking, cheque postage or cash on collection.

Your towels will be created once payment has been received





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