Where to start!


Yes, this website does look a bit busy but here are some suggestions on how best to get going.

Do you know exactly what towel design you want?  If so, go straight to the ‘Order’ on the tab at the top of the page and complete your order there.

If not, browse through the various coloured squares on the home page to see what’s available.  Then on a piece of paper, start jotting down the towel examples you like (ie Toby on green towel as in ‘Boys Towels’ square on home page)  etc .  Make sure you choose a towel colour from the choices in the ‘Towel Colour’ square.  When you have made your choices, click on the ‘Order’ tab at the top of the page and complete your order.

To help us help you, give us as much detail as you can about the towels you would like.  You might like us to choose for you!  Ie bright pink towel with a mix of girlie designs to suit a 4 or 10 yr old girl, a mix of sporty fabrics for a 7 yr old boy, a beige towel with safari animals, a nautical theme to suit a 20 yr old man, a purple towel with shoes/handbags/make up/sunglasses for 16 year old young lady. What about a mix of chocolates, handbags, cocktails and wine on an aqua towel for your bestie?

We hope this helps but please contact us if you require further help or advice.


Melissa    07738 566 826   office@fabrickids.co.uk

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